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    COSCO SHIPPING Logistics assisted launch of first two-way Qingdao-Mannheim China Railway Express Train (Qilu)
    發布時間: 2022-02-21 分享到:

    On February 18th, the first two way China-Europe Railway Express train running between Qingdao and Mannheim was launched. COSCO SHIPPING Logistics prepared supply of goods in both cities and provided full overseas logistics services, further opening up the international logistics channel for westward transportation of China-Europe Railway Express.

    The outbound train carrying a total of 100 standard containers was sent from Qingdao Multimodal Transport Center in China-SCO Local Economic and Trade Cooperation Demonstration Area. It will leave the country through Alashankou Port, and will arrive in Mannheim, Germany in about 19 days. On the same day, a return train departed from Mannheim. It will leave the country through Erenhot Port, by way of Poland, Belarus, Russia, and Mongolia, and is expected to arrive in Qingdao in mid-March.  

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