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    Our Services
    Shipping Agency

    China Ocean Shipping Agency Co., Ltd. (also known as “Penavico”) and China Shipping Agency Co., Ltd. specialize in domestic and foreign trade shipping agency business, as “the earliest, largest and strongest” international shipping agency in China. We have successfully set up an extensive service network with more than 80 subsidiary companies up to more than 300 service points in all open ports in China and 10 representative offices in Europe, America and South-east Asia.
    We have widely spread our business philosophy of “Striving for common development with utmost sincerity, approaching to perfect service with fundamental human-oriented principle”.  With our commitment of “All-time, All-dimension, All-process” service, we look forward to strengthening and extending cooperation with our customers in and abroad to achieve every common success in the near future.


    Liner Shipping Agency                

    We offer a wide scope of service in liner agency including booking, vessel husbanding, on-the-spot service, stowage operation, documentation, equipment control, account audit and settlement, canvassing and consultancy, etc.

    Bulk/General Cargo Shipping Agency                

    We provide professional and diversified service for bulk/general cargo vessel, RO-RO vessel, oil tanker, chemical cargo vessel, LPG/LNG vessel and specialized vessel. Till now we have built up close relationship with thousands of shipping companies covering more than 180 countries and regions.

    Cruise Shipping Agency                

    As the first shipping agency designated by Ministry of Transport (“MOT”) to conduct agency service for cruise, we have 30 years solid and rich experience in the industry and set up a dedicated team offering a wide range of professional service including vessels husbanding, tickets selling, assisting in application to MOT for international passenger liner shipping qualification and permit of multi-calls in China, ensuring timely berthing and passenger embarking/disembarking.


    Owner’s Affairs                

    Authorized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we offer invitation letter directly for crew repatriation/change as well as for ship owner’s business trip purpose. We also arrange spare part delivery, maritime affairs consultancy/settlement, vessel chartering/ trade, dry-docking, hold fumigating/washing and fuel, fresh water supply, etc.

    Port Captain                

    Our port captain team provides professional service to ship owners including cargo stowage plan, stevedoring supervision, etc.

    General Agency                

    By virtue of extensive service network,  we offer one-stop general agency service to principal including port information, vessel movement, port disbursement, port sequence arrangement and vessel management, etc.

    Vessel Chartering/Cargo Canvassing                

    We have advantage of an extensive service network and experienced professional team to offer chartering service and cargo resource support to shipping lines.

    Account Manager                

    We allocate account manager for major customers. Account manager acts as the contact window and offers tailor made solution to respond various needs from our customers.

    Double Boarding-Agent                

    We initiated to offer “double boarding-agent” service in order to upgrade on-the-spot service through timely problem solving under emergency and shortening non-operational port stay.

    Information Technology                

    We have developed an own sophisticated shipping agency information system to provide vessel ETA, ETD, vessel movement during port stay, as well as cargo status, e-quote, e-booking, on-line reconciliation and on-line payment etc.

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